Becoming a Citizen, Understanding Privilege and the Dissolving of Our Rights and Freedoms – with ‘Citizen Luke’ (GT022)

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Luke is a 4-year old Canadian Citizen that came to Canada from Australia. We talk about his background, his journey to citizenship and the process all immigrants must go through.
“Thanks for the immigration, and thanks for the weed… and you know… you can take back everything else that you did….”
I agree with the problem, I don’t agree with the solution.
We delve into his thoughts on the structure of law and government, and how it affects and defines privilege and personal freedom. As well as the need to compare our structures to those of other countries, in order to truly understand the depth of how they affect personal freedoms.
He explains the importance of the Canadian Constitution and The Charter of Rights and Freedoms: its history, its direct relation to our personal freedoms and the current assault on it.
“The Charter was a ‘Canadian’ law – the first time that the structure of law and government was founded in Canada, instead of an act of British Parliament.” 
“What we’re seeing in recent times, in my opinion, is the biggest assault on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the history of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.” 
“…And people are Cheering it along… this.. this erosion of these protections… they’re being convinced that it’s good for them, and it’s good for everyone.”
“The people who are worried about this, they’re aware of what could be lost.  Most people aren’t aware of what they could lose.”
It was a long chat, a good chat, a fun chat, and I am more informed, aware and intrigued because of it – Thanks Luke!
Thanks to you for listening – Until Next Time… Stay Strong and Stay Curious!
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Becoming a Citizen, Understanding Privilege and the Dissolving of Our Rights and Freedoms – with ‘Citizen Luke’ (GT022)
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